Day 3, February 22, 2018

We are up and at ’em early today. The weather is fabulous, and we are headed to Avery Island. But first a tour of Slidell to see the pelicans.


Pelicans on Parade! Another great community art project. Most of the pelicans are on Old
Spaniah Trail and Ponchetrain Dr. and are amusingly dressed up as various occupations.

20180222_074029.jpg    20180222_073755.jpg

20180222_074300.jpg     20180222_075735.jpg20180222_075230.jpg


20180222_080230.jpg   20180222_081022.jpg
(Other statues: Captain – 2000 Old Spanish Trail; Captain – 7901 Berg St, New Orleans;
Slidell police – 2112 3rd St; Dentist – 380 Oak Harbor Blvd; Cow – 3030 Pontchartrain Dr;
Marine – 3154 Pontchartrain Dr; Builder – 3735 Pontchartrain Dr;                                      Lions club – 356 Cleveland Ave; Funeral – 2430 Fourth St; Football – 311 Robert St, Slidell;
Victorian – Front St @ Erlanger)

Ah, yes! Crawfish! This one is outside NOLA Southern Grill. Seven A.M. might be too early to eat them though.

20180222_0800471375 Gause Blvd, Slidell, LA 



Nice catfish!

20180222_0933513682 US Hwy 90 Des Allemands, LA



Home of ALL the Tobasco sauce in the world. When my wife suggested this trip, I was “Meh!” but now that I’m here it’s like visiting the Grand Canyon – absolutely fascinating.


As well as the self guided tour, which included a primer on how Tabasco Sauce is made, and it’s history, we got to see the storage warehouse where all the barrels are stored while aging. We also had a yummy lunch – a sausage sampler with various Tabasco dipping sauces – and some free samples. Plus there is a gift shop where you can buy various products and related giftware (we stocked up on a dipping sauce that I don’t think is available in Canada.) And of course, there were BIG things!


            20180222_125709    20180222_124922.jpg20180222_123002.jpg    20180222_122813.jpg20180222_130629.jpgHwy 329, Avery Island, LA 70513



Three big storage tanks at the Steen’s Syrup Mill in downtown Abbeville are painted to look like yellow  Pure Cane Syrup containers. 16682 gallons is a LOT of syrup!

20180222_145009.jpg 119 Main St., Abbeville, LA



Big tools for a big job.

20180222_1511177424 Johnston St., Lafayette, LA

Donut – yum!

20180222_152317.jpg5611 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA


A very pretty stained glass Butterfly

20180222_161156.jpg1801 W Pinhook Rd Lafayette, LA
parking lot of the Best Western Acadiana Motel


Pretty cool revolving loaf of bread.

20180222_163153720 W Simcoe St, Lafayette, LA


These sculptures of heads are in front of the courthouse. Not sure what the message is here? The Justice System has no brain?

20180222_162452.jpgJohn M Shaw United States Courthouse, 800 Lafayette St, Lafayette, LA 



Frogs! Rayne is billed as the Frog Capital of the World (see here for the reason). This dude is waiting at the edge of town to greet guests.

20180222_165821.jpg 200 Oak St, Rayne, LA

Rayne boasts an extensive community art project featuring 110 frog statues! They represent a wide range of occupations, from policeman to priest. Note the preponderance of bow ties – these are Southern gentlemen, after all!

This is my favourite. While posing with the frog in front of Frog Capital Boxing Club, one of the boxers, (name slips my mid – something Emmanuel – sorry buddy) came out and posed with us.




Our last stop of the day was for dinner at Crazy Bout Crawfish, which just happened to have said crawfish out front. We had a great meal – shared a seafood platter. We couldn’t face the crawfish platter – after watching a table of 90 year old women polish off platter after platter of the little red beasts, I knew we couldn’t do them justice.

20180222_193402_LLS1905 Rees St, Breaux Bridge, LA 


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