How Carl with BIG THINGS came to be

Guelph ON GryphonSo you know those travelling gnomes…..

I used to drive my wife nuts begging her to take pictures of me with tacky roadside attractions. Finally she broke down, and created Carl with BIG THINGS. Now I get to have my picture taken regularly. There are rules though. The item must be larger than life; it must be three dimensional, it must be made of permanent material – no blow ups or cardboard; she will not stand in the pouring rain to take the picture (yeah – she couldn’t stick to that one!)

For the last two years we have been stopping all over southern Ontario, southern Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in the US. So I have LOTS of pictures to post, and many more to come. I welcome any suggestions for cool stuff I have missed so far, but realistically I will probably only get to stuff in the eastern half of Canada and the US.

I hope some of these pictures make you chuckle. Head to the HOME page to get started.