TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS, Day 3 continued

Day 3, February 15 2018 continued



I was looking around for the Big Dog that might need this fire hydrant – then I saw the “No Dogs” sign – hilarious!!!!

20180215_162153near 1600 Marion St, Columbia, SC but on Taylor St

Columbia, SC

The Gamecock is the mascot for the University of South Carolina sports teams. Located beside the Mellow Mushroom, this bird gets new plumage on a regular basis.

20180215_162920 1009 Gervais St, Columbia, SC


Pretty cool chains. Not sure if there is a story (Slavery? Unity?). They were installed in 2000.

20180215_1714531500 block of Main St, Columbia, SC

Whew! That’s it! Next stop Columbus Georgia to spend time with our son, then on to New Orleans!


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