Off to New Orleans – Day 1, on our way to Georgia

Day 1, February 13 2018

West Valley, NY

Our plan is to spend a few days driving down to Columbus Georgia, a few days with our son, then on to New Orleans.

Up and at ’em, on the road and across the border by 6 am. Our route took us through Buffalo, and our first planned stop is Bradford PA. But of course there are always those unplanned sightings on the side of the road. The first one was just south of Springville NY, where we spotted this fearsome insect and not-so-scary dragon.

20180213_081351    20180213_081254Location: 10155 Ashford Hollow Rd, West Valley, New York


Bradford, PA

Our first planned stop was the home of the Zippo lighter – Bradford, PA. On Barbour St you can see not only the giant lighter on the Zippo building, but the street itself lined with large lighters on the light standards. Apparently all the flames light up at night, which must be pretty cool.

20180213_090758       20180213_091019

Location: 33 Barbour St., Bradford PA

Even more interesting was the Zippo Museum – a pretty good freebie, and some time to stretch our legs. Everything you ever wanted to know about this iconic lighter, and a peak at the repair centre. The things people have done to their lighters is AMAZING!!!  It is also the home of CASE knives. Worth a stop for the history (click here for Zippo Museum info)

20180213_091712   20180213_092435

Location:  1932 Zippo Drive, Bradford, PA




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